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11321 Countryway Blvd. Lexington Professional Park
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Patient Forms, Map and Directions to Tampa Office

Your First Visit
Dr. Amy Creech-Gionis and the staff at Dental Wellness of Westchase care about one thing and one thing only:  YOU. 

A typical first visit will include a thorough health history, time spent identifying your chief concerns, and gathering data during a thorough examination with Dr. Creech-Gionis or Dr. Lennie Stern.  Once your current oral health has been diagnosed, we will discuss it with you and answer all of your questions (treatment plan), and the appropriate procedure for you will begin.

Prophylaxis/Healthy Mouth Cleaning-for the patient with shallow pockets around the teeth that do not bleed (no infection present) and little to no hardened plaque or calculus build-up.

Debridement- for the patient with heavy plaque and/or hardened calculus build-up that requires two visits to fully remove the debris on the teeth.

Deep Cleaning/Scaling and Root Planing- for the patient diagnosed with gum (periodontal) disease, deep pockets around the teeth that bleed,  receding gums and/or bone loss. Often part of this therapy is to put antibiotics in the pockets around the teeth to kill all bacteria there and help the gums to heal. Medicine is used to numb your mouth and keep you comfortable.


Patient Forms
Please print and fill out these forms so we can expedite your first visit Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your visit so that we can process your completed paperwork.


The following form does not need to be returned. The HIPPA privacy notice and the Post-Op is for your information.

In order to view or print these forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
Click here to download it.

Driving Directions
11321 Countryway Blvd. is conveniently located in Westchase on the corner of Countryway Blvd. and Citrus Park Drive,  just north of the Upper Tampa Bay Library (Lexington Professional Park).

Questions or Comments?
We encourage you to contact us whenever you have an interest or concern about our services.