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Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Tampa

Do you…

  • Feel anxious, stressed, or scared about dental visits?
  • Have trouble numbing with traditional anesthesia?
  • Have back, neck, or leg problems that keep you from sitting in a chair comfortably?
  • Need many hours of dental work performed in the shortest amount of time?

What if you could dream your way through your dental appointments? If you are worried about pain, gagging or the sounds and smells that go with dental work,  Anxiety Free Dentistry (oral sedation) provides a welcome option!  Dr. Amy Creech-Gionis offers several ways to relax and have your dental care completed in fewer visits, with no memory of the procedure and with little to no discomfort afterward!

With relaxation dentistry using oral sedative medication and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) you will retain the ability to speak and communicate with our team, but you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable. In planning for your visit, be sure to ask a friend to drive you to and from the appointment. You will need to rest at home afterwards while the sedation subsides.  You can return to work or play the next day after experiencing anxiety free dentistry.

Your comfort and peace of mind are paramount to us. If you’d like to know more about sedation and anxiety free dentistry, call Westchase Dental Wellness and ask Dr. Amy Creech-Gionis,DMD about it when you visit.

For more information on sedation and anxiety free dentistry, please call us at (813) 855-2273 for your appointment today! 

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